• Adding/Changing a Prefix or Suffix Donators and Subscribers have the ability to add a prefix and suffix to their name. This is done easily by the following commands:
    /prefix <prefix>
    /suffix <suffix>
    Note: To remove a prefix/suffix, just leave blank after the respective command.
    Colors are available for use in prefixes and suffixes:
    • &0
    • &1
    • &2
    • &3
    • &4
    • &5
    • &6
    • &7
    • &8
    • &9
    • &a
    • &b
    • &c
    • &d
    • &e
    • &f
    Additional chat format codes are also available:
    &l = bold, &n = underline, &m = strikethrough
    You can view the color and format codes at any time in-game by typing “/colors”.
  • Herochat Herochat is Mythica’s chat plugin. It allows the creation of separate chat channels and the ability to private message other players easily and quickly.

    We have two chat channels:
    Global - Main server-wide chat
    Local - Chat that only people within 500 blocks of you can see.
    Some useful commands are:
    /ch g = Join Global
    /ch l = Join Local
    /ch leave <channel> = Leave selected channel
    /tell <playername> <message> = Send a private message to the specified player. Typing /tell <playername> without the message will lock you in a conversation with that player to make replying faster.
    /r <message> = Reply to the most recent person to private message you. "/r" will lock you in a conversation with that player.
    /ignore <playername> = Locally mute a player (type again to remove)
    /me <text> = Send a global
  • Donator/Subscriber If you have donated your payment will be processed immediately. Our plugin runs on a 5 minute check system, so within 5-10 minutes of donating you should be automatically promoted and your donator features given to you. If you have purchased a subscription package you can type:
    This will display the current packages available to you. Once you receive your package (which should be within 5-10 minutes of a subscription purchase) you can type:
    /package Subscriber
    This will promote you to subscriber and allow you access to all the subscriber perks.
  • Sign Editor Subscribers have access to SignEditor which is for quickly editing your signs without having to tear them down and start all over. It works flawlessly with SignShop.
    /edit {line} {text}
    Replace {line} with 1,2,3 or 4 - the line you wish to edit. Replace {text} with the text you would like to have on that line.
  • Mythica’s Economy (BOSEconomy) We have a versatile economics system in Mythica. This allows you to gain money by: killing mobs (only in the Temp world), buying and selling in shops, player to player transactions, and spending time in-game (Donators and Subscribers only).

    You can use the following commands to utilize the economy plugin:
    /econ = Displays the amount of money that you own
    /econ income = Displays the income bracket you are apart of
    /econ pay = Pays the specified player the given amount
    /econ info = Displays all economy based information for the player
    /econ top5 = Displays 5 players that currently hold the most money
  • Logblock Mythica utilizes LogBlock for an anti-grief supplement. LogBlock allows us to check whether any block was destroyed or created as well as who created/destroyed it and when. This allows us to pinpoint players who like to go around destroying creations or stealing from chests and remove them from our servers. It also allows us to roll back certain block changes to a previous date or time, which helps significantly on large scale grief attacks. Currently, donators and up have the ability to use the LogBlock tool.

    To use the LogBlock tool, type:
    /lb tool
    This will place a wooden pick into your inventory, which is the primary selection tool for Logblock. A crafted wooden pick works just the same.
    Wooden Pick
    As you can see, right clicking a block with the wooden pick displays block changes. Donators and Subscribers are able to check their own block changes and report any grief to mods and admins to have it sorted out. Members will have to call an admin or mod to help them.
  • AutoReponse (?commands) In our server we have common commands for users to use in game to help with frequently asked questions. Here is a quick list of commands you can type to get helpful information in game:
    ?website ?rules ?map ?mumble ?tp ?stuck ?mod ?help ?grief ?issue ?money ?pay ?vote ?colors ?prefix ?suffix ?donate ?donator ?subscriber ?register ?spam ?res ?flags ?social ?east ?south ?north ?west ?ground ?suicide ?hax ?privatechat ?globalchat ?wiki
    Note: Overuse of the Spirebot commands is considered spam.
  • Portal Requirements Here on Mythica we utilize portals to get around our vast world. All of our portals are located in the Spire to create a central hub. However, we don't allow our players to make their own portals and we don't just give out portals to anyone. We want portals to only lead to cities, so there isn't any confusion or over abundance of portals. Therefore, to obtain a portal, your city must first meet the following conditions:
    • The portal for your city has to be at least 500 blocks away from other portals.
    • The portal must be in a safe location and easy to get to and from it. It cannot trap players.
    • Your city must be generally safe, the monster flag must be set to false in the residence. If you want an area for monsters, use subzones and warn players.
    • Your city needs subzoned lots that other players can buy or rent from you.
    • Your city must have a "Public Utilities" area, that includes crafting tables/furnaces, a brewing stand, and an enchantment room.
    • Your city needs small farms for food.
    • Your city must have some form of visible roads or pathways
    • There must be roads/pathways that lead out of your town so people may enter and leave on foot. There can be exceptions to this rule, however. For example, an underwater city or a city in the sky.
    • You must remain active in your city, inactivity for 3+ months without prior notification will result in the removal of the portal.
    • Your city should be aesthetically pleasing. It needs to be functional, somewhat organized, close to complete if not complete, and have a unified look or theme.
    • Your city should have some sort of navigation system (for example: signs,) to help guide users around.
    Once you think your town has met these conditions, you can make an Issue on the web page to let us know you would like a portal. You MUST state that you have read this first, as we will not consider looking at your town if you don't.

    Remember your town must always meet these conditions, even AFTER you get a portal. We will regularly and randomly check portals to make sure the towns are being up kept and "to code". If we find that your town no longer meets the requirements, we will remove the portal until you meet them again.

    If you have created something that you think may have a lot of player traffic and would benefit from a portal but can't meet some or all of these requirements, come talk to us about it. We will sometimes make exceptions, but we handle these on a case-by-case basis. An example of a possible exception would be a large mall for player shops.
    Note: Front room portals are showcase for large cities.
  • PvP Toggle We have PvPtoggle in Mythica. In addition to protection set by owners in Residence, you can protect yourself in the wild by having PvP disabled. However, if you two players want to enter an arena and fight to the death, then they can type:
    /pvp (this acts as a toggle between on/off)
    /pvp on
    /pvp off
  • Silk Spawners Tired of finding spawners and not being able to grab them? Not a problem with Silk Spawners. This allows you to use any type of Silk Touch and pick up the monster cage in its entirety. You may also break the spawner and obtain the spawn egg. Placing the spawn egg in the center of a crafting table and surrounding it by 8 iron bars will create a spawner corresponding to the type of monster egg.
    Silk Spawners
  • TheEndAgain Mythica takes care of its Donators and Subscribers. That is why they have access to The End. Not only do they have the ability to slay the Ender Dragon, they have the ability to do it again and again. The XP correlates to the damage you deal to the dragon and is automatically given to you when the dragon dies.
    Note: Every 16 hours the dragon will respawn to give someone else a chance to kill him.
  • WAR and Special Events Although survival gameplay is our main focus here at Mythica, we offer other venues to add a bit of expansion. To do this we use the WAR plugin which allows us to set up arenas that players can compete in Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and other fun games.

    In addition to WAR we will be holding random server side events such as Hunger Games. We will announce these events on our website and throughout the server in the days and weeks leading up to the event. The event will be a first come first serve basis and be held in a secondary temp world. Players in these events will have the chance to win big with many variations of prizes from enchanted chain armor, monster spawners, and econ money.
  • Temp World/Nether In order to ensure the resources of Mythica are never finite, we implemented the temporary world and nether. These are available to everyone and their portals are marked within the spire between the front and back rooms. We have two general rules for the temporary worlds:
    1) Do not create a residence in these worlds
    2) Do not log off within these worlds.
    Once every 2 months
    (around the first of the month) we will reset both worlds giving players a new terrain to explore and mine.