• SignShop Tutorial

    SignShop is a plugin that automates the process of buying and selling items from/to others with the use of signs and chests. The types of shops and the ways you can use SignShop are nearly limitless and doesn’t require you to memorize any text commands. This tutorial, however, will just go over the basics of setting up a sign that players can buy something from you, and a sign that players can sell something to you.
    Things you will need to make a shop:
    - 1 Sign
    - At least 1 Chest
    - 1 Redstone dust
    - Something(s) you want to sell/buy
    First, a quick explanation of how SignShop works: SignShop has different shop types and one is determined when making your sign, along with price and description of the item(s) the shop is handling. You then link the sign to a chest. Depending on the shop type, whatever is in the chest at the time of the linking is what the sign will sell to or buy from players. Once the chest and sign are linked and if the shop is selling items to players, you can fill up the chest with more of the same items to serve as your inventory/stock. Players can then walk up to your sign and purchase the item(s) you have for sale. The sign will give the player the item(s) from the chest then automatically take their money and give it to you.

    Make a Buy Sign
    We will begin with making a sign that other players can buy things from. Though, making a sign people can sell to is done in almost the same way. First, start out by placing a chest in a safe place and then putting what you want to sell in the chest. Only put what you want to sell per transaction in the chest for now. For example, if you want to sell a stack of dirt at a time, then you’d only put one stack of dirt in the chest. We can fill it with more later. In my shop, I will be selling stone swords, so I put one stone sword in.
    Set up a chest
    Next, Place your sign down where you want your shop to be, doesn’t matter how far away it is from the chest. This is where we tell the sign what kind of shop to be, we give the item(s) people will be buying a description, and we set a price for the item(s). The first line of the sign determines the shop type. We want players to buy from this sign. Therefore, this is a "Buy” shop. So for the first line we will put:
    The second and third lines of the sign are the lines that you can put a short description of what you are selling. Since I am selling a stone sword I will put
    "1 Sturdy Stone Sword"
    You can put whatever you want in these lines, however, you must always put what you are selling in the description. While players can check what the shop is selling by left-clicking the sign before buying, you can easily lie about what the shop is selling in the description. Lying in your shop description to cheat players will get your SignShop privileges removed and you may be temporarily banned from the server.

    The fourth and final line of the sign is for the price of the item. How much you want to charge is entirely up to you. For my stone sword, I put
    When done, your sign should look something like: Your sign should look something like this
    If you are happy with your sign, click done.
    Now it’s time to link the chest and sign together. Take out your Redstone dust and punch (left-click) the chest first with the dust, then punch the sign with the dust. Signshop will tell you what you have put for sale and for how much.
    SignShop notification
    Now you can fill your chest will more of the items you are selling so you don’t run out quickly. That’s it. Other players are now able to buy from this sign for your set price. You will get a notification when people do.
    When buying from a sign, it is YOUR responsibility to always check what the shop is selling before making a purchase since people can lie in their description. To do this, simply punch (left-click) the sign. Signshop will tell you exactly what the shop is selling and for how much. If you are happy with the item and price, right-click the sign to make the purchase. If you buy something without double checking and you get something other than what the description says, we will NOT refund your money. You can, however, report the player who is lying in his signs. We will remove his SignShop permissions and temporarily ban the player.

    Make a Sell Sign
    To create a sign that player can sell a specified item to, you set everything up like the [Buy] sign. Only instead of putting [Buy] on the first line of the sign, you put
    You use this because you want players to sell to the sign. Also, you don’t need to fill up your chest because that's what fills up when people sell the item to you.
    You're done!
    The next tutorial on SignShop will cover more advanced uses of buy and sell signs and other types of shops, such as trading, donating, and sharing.