• How to Set Flags in a Res

    The residence plugin protects and effects virtually everything you can think of inside of a Res, (such as what mobs can spawn, if people can build, if people can use buttons/levers/doors, if crops can be trampled, if chests can be opened, if water can flow, etc). You can enable/disable certain attributes for certain people, for a group of people, or set default flags for the entire Res. There are a lot of flags you can set. to check these in game type:
    /res flags ? <page>
    By default, only the res owner has initial flags set for them. To modify either global (entire res) or individual flags we must do the following:
    To set a global res flag, type:
    /res set <residencename> <flag> <true/false/remove>
    To set a flag for an individual, type:
    /res pset <residencename> <playername> <flag> <true/false/remove>
    Note: If you are standing inside the Res you want to effect, you can omit the <residencename>
    A few examples (assuming I am standing within the Res): If want my friend JacktheRipper to be able to build in my res with me, I would type:
    /res pset JacktheRipper build true
    I also want JacktheRipper to be able to use the crafting tables/doors/buttons/etc in my res:
    /res pset JacktheRipper use true
    Now my friend JacktheRipper can place and destroy blocks in my res and he can use doors, crafting tables, buttons, levers, and pressure plates. He still can’t open my chests however, or light anything on fire.
    Other examples:
    /res set flow false (water and lava will not flow) /res set build true (everyone will be able to build/destroy in your res) /res set creeper false (Disables creeper explosions within your res)
    A complete list of residence flags:
    • admin (Grants players ability to set flags)
    • animals (Controls animal spawning)
    • bucket (Controls use of bucket)
    • build (Controls the ability to place and destroy blocks)
    • container (Controls ability to use chests, dispensers, furnaces, etc)
    • creeper (Controls the explosion of creepers)
    • damage (Controls all damage within a res)
    • firespread (Controls the spread of fire within a res)
    • flow (Controls the flow of all liquid in a res)
    • healing (Controls auto-healing within the res)
    • ignite (Controls the ability to light things on fire)
    • monsters (Controls the spawning of hostile mobs)
    • piston (Controls the use of pistons)
    • pvp (Controls whether PvP is on or off)
    • tnt (Controls whether or not tnt will explode)
    • Specific (overrides general flags):
    • trample (Controls whether players can trample fertile land)
    • destroy (Controls the destruction of blocks)
    • place (Controls the placement of blocks)
    • waterflow (Controls only water flow)
    • lavaflow (Controls only lava flow)
    • cake (Controls the ability to ingest cake)
    • enchant (Controls the use of enchanting tables)
    • brew (Controls the use of brewing stands)
    • table (Controls the use of crafting tables)
    • diode (Controls the use of redstone repeaters)
    • lever (Controls the use of levers)
    • button (Controls the use of buttons)
    • door (Controls the use of doors)
    • pressure (Controls the use of pressure plates)
    • bed (Controls the use of beds)
    • note (Controls the use of note blocks)
    • Macro Flags (groups of flags made easy):
    • trusted (Sets the build, container, move, use, and tp flags)
    • redstone (Sets the diode, lever, button, and pressure flags)
    • craft (Sets the brew, table, and enchant flags)
    • fire (Sets ignite and firespread flags)