• Making a Res Tutorial

    Mythica uses an anti-grief plugin that allows players to protect areas of land, called a Residence, or a Res for short. Players can then choose what permissions other players and entities can have within it. Its a powerful tool to keep those pesky thieves and trolls from destroying your creations, that is why it is important to know how to make a Res correctly.
    There are two main ways to create a Res. One is using what’s called the "Selection Tool", and the other is using solely text commands. This tutorial will go over both methods as they each have their pro and cons in different situations. By the end of the tutorial you should be able to decide which method is best for you.

    Checking your limits
    Before we make a Res, it's a good idea to check to see what your limits are. Here on Mythica we have different membership levels that dictate how big your Res can be and how many you can have.
    It’s very easy to check this in-game. Just type:
    /res limits
    Res Limits
    Right where it says “Max East/West Size”, “Max North/South Size,” and “Max Up/Down Size” you can see how big your Res can be. And “Max Residences” tell you how many you can have.
    Check your res size
    So in this case, the Res’s can be up to 512 blocks by 512 blocks and 256 blocks tall, which is from bedrock to sky. And there’s a max of 100 Res's.

    Method #1 - Selection Tool
    Probably the most common method of making a Res is using the Selection Tool, which, on Mythica, is the Wooden Hoe. For the sake of simplicity, the example Res in this tutorial will be a 10 by 10 by 10 area of land. The way the Selection tool works is you select two diagonal points that make up a 3D box around the area you want to protect, done by right and left clicking.
    Creating a box
    In this example, the 10x10 Res has been marked with torches. First decide where you want the bottom corner of the Res to start. It doesn’t matter which corner. Walk over to it and left-click the block with the Wooden Hoe to select it. It will say "Placed Primary Selection Point":
    Place primary selection point
    Now go to the opposite diagonal corner and, in this example Res, I want it to be 10 blocks high, so I make a 10 block high tower in the diagonal corner then right-click the top of the tower to make my Secondary Selection. It will say "Placed Secondary Selection Point":
    Place secondary selection point
    The next step is naming and creating the res. When you are happy with the selection points, type:
    /res create RES_NAME
    You can put whatever you wish to name your Res in the “RES_NAME” spot. However, regular spaces will not be accepted. If you want a space, use an underscore. In the example Res, I simply named it My_Res.
    Once you hit enter, it will say:
    "You have created residence (whatever you named it)!"
    Creating a residence
    Thats it, you're done. You've created your first residence.
    But lets continue.
    Say I want my Res to be 10 blocks long, 10 blocks wide as before, but I want it to extend all the way to sky and all the way down to bedrock. Using the method we just did, I would have to make a tower all the way to the sky limit and then dig all the way down to bedrock to make my selections. Thankfully, there’s a quick and easy way to do this with one text command.
    Note: Once a Res is made, it can't be resized. The old Res has to be deleted and a new Res created.
    In this example, I want to make my new Res is the same spot that I just made the current Res. So I have to delete the old one first. All you have to do to delete a Res is to make sure you're standing in the Res and type:
    /res remove
    It will then ask you to confirm by typing:
    /res confirm
    Residence confirm
    Now take the Selection Tool, the Wooden Hoe, and make the Primary Selection by left-clicking in a corner like before. Then go to the diagonal corner for the Secondary. But since we want the height to go all the way to sky and bedrock anyway, it doesn't really matter how high we make the Secondary selection here. Once you make your Secondary Selection by right-clicking type:
    /res select vert
    And it should say
    "Selection expanded to your highest/lowest allowed limit":
    Selection expanded
    Now all that’s left is to create the Res like we did before, by typing:
    /res create RES_NAME
    I use My_Res as the name for this example again.
    And that’s it. We made a Res that’s 10x10 but it extends all the way to sky and down to bedrock. Now you don't have to worry about people digging under or building on top of you. You should always use /res select vert your main Res's in Mythica.

    Method #2 - Text Commands
    Lets say you wanted to max out your allowed Res size, say its 64x64. But you didn't want to count all 64 blocks one way, and then all 64 blocks the other way and select the corners with the Selection Tool. Well in this case, it may be easier to use just the text commands. For sake of simplicity again, I will be selecting the same 10 by 10 area for the example Res.
    First, you’ll want to stand in about the middle of where you want the Res, since the command to create the selection uses you as the center point. The command you will use is:
    /res select X Y Z
    Depending on how big you want to make your Res dictates what numbers to use for the X Y Z. What numbers do you put then? Normally when you see x y z, you think of a coordinates in the world, but here this isn't the case. The x y z stand for number of blocks on each axis in both directions from you that the selection will be created on.
    For my example res, I want it to be 10x10. So lets say I put 5 for X, because the selection would go 5 blocks ahead of me on the X axis and 5 blocks behind me on the X axis, which equals 10. But the block I am standing on still hasn’t been counted yet, making it actually equal 11 blocks. I wanted 10. This is where it gets complicated, since it’s impossible to select even numbers with this command.
    However, there’s a way around it.
    What we are going to do is make the selection one number under the final selection we want. Since I want it to be a 10x10 residence, I’m going make a selection of 9x9 and then tell the selection to bump out one block in each direction later to equal 10x10. So if you are doing a 64 x 64 Res, you’d want to select a 63x63 selection first, for example. Heres a visual representation:
    64 x 64 Residence
    The first step to get my 10x10 selection is to fill in the correct numbers for the X Y and Z. For X, I will put 4. (4 in front of me + 4 behind me + the block I am standing on = 9) For Y, since it’s the height, I'm going to just put 10 as I am going to do “/res select vert” later anyway. For Z, I will put 4. (4 to the left, 4 to the right, the one I’m standing on) So the command will look like:
    /res select 4 10 4
    Enter the command and it will say
    “Selection successful!”
    and show you the size of all the axes.
    Selection Successful!
    Now what we are going to do is look in the directions that we want to bump out by one and enter the commands to do so. It doesn’t matter which direction you want to look first. I chose X in my example. Look in the direction and type:
    /res select expand 1
    Expand selection Next we will look 90 degrees to the left or right, doesn’t matter as they are both on the other axis, and again type:
    /res select expand 1
    Now we can double check the size is by typing:
    /res select size
    Select size If everything looks correct, we can move on to making Y go from sky to bedrock by typing:
    /res select vert
    Now we are all set to create our Res by typing:
    /res create RES_NAME
    That’s it! We’ve created a res with only text commands. As you can see, this is a bit more complicated and is usually only useful for very big selections.

    One thing thats important to know that your Res can't overlap with any other Res. So when you are doing the text command, make sure it’s not going to overlap with anyone else's (or your own) Res.
    Note: The best way is to check for overlap is the map on our website at www.mythicacraft.com/map