PVP Rules

We at Mythica want our players to enjoy playing on our server and therefore have a set of rules to maintain order and keep people from ruining the fun.

The 5 Unforgivable Sins

(Serious offenses that result in a permanent ban)

  • 1. No Friendly Fire. Destroying your own faction’s property, team-killing, or stealing from Faction-mates is not permitted.
  • 2. No logging off to avoid battle Frequent reports will result in a temp ban. If you continue to do this after you have already had a temp ban, you will receive a permanent ban.
  • 3. No multiple accounts/Multiple factions All players must only be a part of 1 faction. Double factioning or infultrating another faction's ranks with the intention to harm or do damage to that faction is in violation with unforgivable rules 1 (friendly-fire) and 4 (sportsmanship). Any reports of this will be checked thoroughly and dealt with accordingly.
  • 4. Maintain good sportsmanship This goes hand in hand with our courteous rule. No matter what the outcome of a battle or attack, be polite and kind to everyone. This is a game designed for everyone to have fun, attacking someone on a personal or emotional level will not be tolerated. A little gloating and celebrating never hurt anyone, but be mindful of the feelings of others.
  • 5. Do not Cheat. X-Ray, gameplay modifications, and taking advantage of game glitches are not allowed, are considered cheating, and will get you banned. This a serious offense and there will be no second chances given. We have a very short list of approved mods which are:
    • Reis' Minimap (Official Only, or a very similar minimap - note: if it allows you to view anything more than a topographical view of the map then it will get you banned)
    • InventoryTweaks
    • WhatsMyLightLevel
    • MCPatcher/Optifine
    • Spout
    Also, taking advantage of a game glitch to generate new items that were not already built into the game is not allowed. For example, sand/obsidian, redstone/obsidian, or any other sort of "generator" that duplicates items or transforms one item to another. An example of an acceptable generator is a cobblestone generators. (flowing water + flowing lava) If you have a question about a certain generator you plan on building - ask a moderator first. Don't get banned because you did not ask a question.
    Note: Generally, anything that is used to give you an unfair advantage against other players on the server will get you perminently banned from our server and site.

General Rules

(Warnings will be given and excessive breaking of these rules will result in mods taking disciplinary action)

  • Never spam the chat.
  • Do not ask for OP. You will never get it. Ever.
  • Do not ask to become a moderator. When/If help is needed, we will come to you if we think you are a good candidate.
  • Do not ask for Creative This is a survival server and no creative is ever given, so don't ask.
  • Temp Rules Do not create a residence within the temporary worlds and do not log off while in there. The temporary worlds are rebuilt once a month so if you log out while you are inside one of these worlds and it gets rebuilt you'll encounter problems.
  • Do not edit another player's sign If you are a subscriber you have access to use SignEditor. Using SignEditor to change other player's signs without their knowledge or against their will is considered grief and permissions will be removed.
  • Do not deceive buyers If you are using SignShop: do not deceive buyers with false descriptions on signs. This will result in a loss of SignShop Privleges.
  • Be courteous. The golden rule you learned as a child. Be respectful to everyone in the server. If you have an issue with how you are being treated, report the issue to the mods and let them handle it. If you blow up in chat you will be held accountable for your actions just as much as the other person.
  • Temp World Rules

  • No Res Do not create a residence within the temporary worlds.
  • Do not log off while inside The temporary worlds are rebuilt once a month so if you log out while you are inside one of these worlds and it gets rebuilt you'll encounter problems.