Plugins We Use

  • Affixer
  • BOSEconomy
  • Chester
  • Citizens/Sentry
  • Dynmap
  • EcoCreature
  • Essentials
  • Factions
  • Herochat
  • HorseGuard
  • LogBlock
  • LWC
  • McMMO
  • Multiverse/Portals
  • NoCheatPlus
  • NoLagg
  • Orebfuscator
  • PvPToggle
  • RecipeLookup
  • Residence/ResExtras/Residence Signs
  • Shortify
  • SignEditor
  • SignShop
  • SilkSpawners

About Mythica

Mythica is a Minecraft community centered around having fun in a PvP or legit-survival setting while offering enhancements to increase the enjoyment of playing. We are on a 16GB dedicated server capable of supporting 128 players and running the latest Craftbukkit, utilizing up-to-date CB plugins.

What sets us apart from other Minecraft communities?

First and foremost we cater to two very different play styles. We offer the PvP/Faction worlds for the most competitive natured players and we offer a legitimate safe-style survival world for the players who just want to relax.


  • McMMO McMMO is an RPG plugin that allows leveling of many different skillsets like Swords, Mining, and WoodCutting. Leveling skills gains access to new abilities and perks like double drops and faster block breaks. A full McMMO guide can be found here.
  • Monster spawners made easy It's incredibly simple to construct XP grinders. Breaking monster spawners will drop 8 iron bars and the corresponding mob spawn egg. Drop these into a crafting table with the spawn egg in the center and you can reconstruct the spawner. Breaking a spawner with Silk Touch will give you the full monster spawner, without having to remake it at a crafting table.
  • In-game currency Our in-game currency system allows you to earn money in several different ways. These include doing work for other players, killing mobs, and making a shop to sell items. We use the SignShop plugin so that you may sell your things in a shop using signs without you having to be there!
    Note: Donators and subscribers have no limitations to their signs but regular members are limited to a max of 5.
  • Offline messages Ever wanted to send a message to an offline player without having to place signs on the ground? In Mythica, you can with our mail system. Send mail to an offline player and they will get it the next time they log on.
  • Real Time Map Don't ever worry about getting lost. We use Dynmap, which enables us to have a real-time map of the server on our webpage.
  • Events From time to time, Mythica will hold gaming events such as adventure maps or hunger games. These will be a chance for our players to win big and have some fun outside of survival mode.

The Realm (Survival)

  • Residence protection We offer the Residence plugin as anti-grief protection. This allows you to protect areas of land and all of your belongings in it. Whether it be your house, chests, or a project. We also use the LWC mod for added chest protection. The LogBlock mod is in place for rolling back blocks in case there is grief. LogBlock tells us exactly who changes a block and when, so nobody can grief and get away with it.
    Making a residence walk-through
  • No fall damage Fall damage is completely disabled. Jump off some cliffs, it's fun.
  • Diamond tools are unbreakable All diamond tools and bows in Mythica have infinite durability and will never break. However, this does not mean they are fire resistant. They still burn to a crisp in lava. Keep in mind that diamond armor DOES have durability and WILL break over time. Only Chain mail armor has infinite durability and that armor is reserved for admins and moderators.
  • PVP control Hate when you get attacked from other players? The PvPToggle mod prevents player-to-player griefing. The only way you can take damage from other players is if you choose to enable PvP or enter a PvP zone, such as specific arenas or special words.

The Diminion(PvP/Factions)

  • Factions Factions is a grouping plugin that allows players to create teams or guilds that can challenge and conquer other factions. The more players in your faction the more land you can claim. Defeating another faction's players diminishes their power and you can begin unclaiming their land.
  • Teleportation The use of /tpa and /tpahere is available for all donors. Any player may accept an incoming request to allow for quick traveling of teams across the PvP universe.